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Monday, November 13, 2006

Erotic Entertainment for Women

This week I attended the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, http://www.sexscience.org/ (the oldest professional society dedicated to the advancement of knowledge about sexuality) to study for my continuing education credits to maintain my certification with AASECT (http://www.aasect.org/). The conference was open for sexual researchers, therapists, counselors and educators, held in the perfect location; Las Vegas. Though I enjoyed many of the classes, especially the one about shame and sex, I made good time of my evenings by doing some extra curricula research on erotic entertainment for women.

We all know that there are plenty of strip clubs for men and even prostitution is legal in certain parts of Nevada, but I was thrilled to find out that now Sin City is offering some arousing options for women too. Don’t believe the myth that women aren't turned on visually because I’ve never seen so many out of control women screaming, pawing and acting in the same ways that men do at bachelor parties.

So the first night I went to see a show of hunky men from Australia called “ “Thunder from Downunder”, The highlight of the show was when one of the strippers jumped on my table and poured a bottle of beer over his almost naked hard body, drenching himself and my new leather pants.

There was no full nudity as I had hoped, but the show was titillating and the men were definitely above average. By comparison though, I prefer The Hollywood Men right here in L.A. It’s the best and raunchiest fully choreographed, male exotic show for ladies! http://www.hwmen.com/main.html and these guys take it all off! I had my picture taken with three of them; Scott, Rico and Austin when they were my guests on my radio show and as you can see, they are a woman’s TriGasmic fantasy!

Still on my journey for more research in Las Vegas, I checked out the men of the Sapphire Club http://www.menofsapphire.com/ and was told that there was a show that included stage performances, as well as personal one-on-one entertainment. Now that sounded perfect for my study, so I watched one gorgeous man after another pondering which one to choose for my private lap dance session. After seeing an Italian ex Mr. Universe Rico Elbaz dance and peel off his crisp white navy uniform to expose his rippling body, my mind was made up. If you’re going to get a lap dance, it might as well be with the best. I had to wait patiently while shrieking women swarmed the stage for a signed copy of his calendar and then it was my turn to have him all to myself.

I’m not going to reveal all the juicy details of my first male lap dance, but I’m happy to report that it was a great fantasy turned into reality with one of the most beautiful Adonis’s I have ever set eyes on. You can check him out for yourself at http://www.ricoelbaz.com/welcome.htm

In summary, why shouldn’t women enjoy watching live erotic entertainment as much as men? In this time of equal opportunity, we deserve to live out our fantasies, ask for what we want and receive it without any feelings of guilt or shame.


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I'm so jealous

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