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Friday, September 15, 2006

Fantasy Role-Playing

With Halloween just around the corner, I wanted to come up with something imaginative and erotic for couples to play whether planning to go out or stay in. There’s a lot of pressure to come with a new character, dress up and role-play each year and it can get pretty pricey to go out and buy a new costume annually.

So I created a deck of Role Playing Fantasy cards with 26 Male, 26 Female and one Joker card, so there are enough fantasies to be fulfilled for an entire year if you choose a new one every a week.

Just imagine this as one of your own personal sex toys, capable of enhancing your relationship by expanding your sensual and sexual activities together.

How to Play

Pick a Fantasy Role Playing card for yourself or let your lover pick one for you. The choice is yours. Female cards include, a naughty School Girl, French Maid, Nurse or Cat Woman. Guys can choose from being a Knight in Shining Armor to a roguish Cowboy, Convict or Pimp. Once you’ve got your card in your hot little hands, there’s no turning back. Gather as many accessories as you can for your fantasy because the more props you have the easier it will be to get into character. Of course you may not have some specific props such as a shield for the Gladiator, but you can improvise by using a tray. Santa and Santa’s Sexy Helper require mistletoe, but you can use parsley or mint instead. The Dominatrix needs a paddle, but you can use a spatula for spanking just as well. Use your imagination to create your role playing fantasy character. Even more important than accessories is your attitude, which is why I added five other categories to help you live out your fantasy; When, Why, Where, How and Body Language. Pretend that you love being your chosen character by thinking, feeling and doing the things that this character would do to a lover.

The Goal

The goal is for the two of you to experience as many role playing characters as you can through the Fantasy Role Playing cards and have fun doing it. When couples role play together and act out each other’s fantasies, they gain a better understanding of what the other wants, needs, desires and fears. Couples can improve their communication, take their relationship to a higher level of intimacy and expand their sexual horizons.

Role playing sexual fantasies is healthy, fun and natural for couples dating or for those in a committed relationship of any orientation. Fantasies can rekindle passion, raise a diminished libido, boost intimacy, are an exciting avenue of escape, heighten enjoyment of sex, opens you up to new activities and can turn sex into adult play.

There are no losers in this game, only winners!

And you can have a Happy Halloween anytime.


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