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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Pet's Rule

Charlie, my Ragdoll cat and I anxiously awaited Romeo’s return from his expensive six weeks doggie boot camp. I was surprised that Charlie missed him so much. While Romeo was gone, Charlie would wonder around the house meowing and looking for him aimlessly. Romeo and his trainer were going to arrive at 2:30 PM in the afternoon so I took the time off work and came home early. As I was driving into my garage, I noticed two little Chihuahuas in the street, so avoiding hitting them; I took them into my house and called the number on one of their collars. They belonged to Paris Hilton, my neighbor who didn’t even know they were gone. The dogs terrorized Charlie all over the house, chewed on Romeo’s toys and had a great time playing until one of Paris’s staff showed up to pick them up. I’m not going to condemn Paris for her doggie parenting skills, even though she was voted Worlds Worst Dog Owner in 2005, in a poll conducted by the New York Dog and the Hollywood Dog Magazine, because I would probably be voted the worst in 2006 with my inability to control my Pomeranian Romeo.

At last Romeo showed up looking as excited as Charlie and I. He wagged his tail, kissed me, ignored poor Charlie who was trying to kiss him, but he did have a big smile on his face. I can always tell when Romeo is smiling. His trainer said that he was rehabilitated now. There would be no more growling, dominant behavior and he was going to obey my commands. That was a week ago. Here’s the good news; Most of the time he obeys simple commands like, “sit, come, and lie down” but only reluctantly. He still begs for food, barks for no apparent reason and here’s the really bad news; I think he is now punishing me for sending him away by reverting back to his early days when he wasn’t house broken. Every day I find a new “surprise” from Romeo and it’s not a pretty sight. So, now I wonder if his training has made him more even more dominant and rebellious!


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