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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Sex Consent

In response to an article on http://edition.cnn.com/2006/WORLD/europe/03/14/uk.rape.reut/index.html
LONDON, England -- Men must make sure they gain consent before having sex to avoid being sent to jail, the British government is to say in a hard-hitting advertising campaign being launched on Tuesday.
My response is this is: I wholeheartedly agree so use a Sexual Consent Form like this one that I created:

Sexual Consent Form & Right of Privacy Agreement

I, _______________________, hereby declare under penalty of
perjury that I am over 18 years old.

I further declare that this agreement is of my own free will and that neither I nor anyone near or dear to me has been threatened with harm or embarrassment.

Both parties agree that this is a private agreement not to be disclosed to third parties except in case of accusation of sexual misconduct by (name) ________________________ of (state)___________________. If he/she shows or makes public this agreement without accusation of sexual misconduct, it is agreed that he/she will be liable for damages for invasion of privacy, whether or not his/her signature appears herein.

By initialing __________________, agrees to engage in all or some of the following consensual acts. Check boxes below and initial the following.

Sexual fondling, petting and kissing________
Sexual intercourse________
Oral copulation (mutual)________
Unilateral copulation by________only.

Other, to be specified: ___________________________________________________________________

I further declare that I am at this time not under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication and agree to engage in consensual sex with____________________________ and intend not to change my mind before the sex act is over. However, it is further understood that if I, for any reason say the words “Code Red,” that my partner agrees to stop instantly.



You may also want to check with your attorney before entering into any agreement.

Superstar athletes, actors, rock stars, politicians, even entrepreneurs have groupies who will do just about anything to have sex with them, but can the groupies be trusted? Will they later lie about the act being consensual? Could they threaten to sue, or worse still, make an accusation about sexual assault? You bet they could! So how can these well-known people who are regularly out of town and away from home - which can lead to loneliness and result in temptation - protect themselves? Condoms can protect from STD’s and unwanted pregnancy, but another form of protection is to have a sexual consent form signed before having any sex, as I described on TV’s Celebrity Justice, CNN, ABC, Fox News and Good Morning America programs. If you think that a sexual consent form is only for the rich and famous, think again. Even if you have no liquid assets, you still need to protect yourself from false accusations because you could lose everything, including personal property, freedom and reputation. There are many other benefits too, to signing a sexual consent form, including the fact that you literally open up a form of intimate communication prior to rushing into sex. And ladies, the sexual consent form can protect you too, from being taken advantage of sexually because there is an “out clause” that stipulates that if you say the words “Code Red,” your partner must stop immediately. I chose this phrase because the words “No” and “Stop” have been used all too frivolously in our society, and unfortunately, they are not always taken seriously. By using the sexual consent form with an FDA approved condom, you could protect yourself legally and sexually.


Blogger Lance Russell - Author of "Recipes for Better Sex" said...

I'm not saying this isn't necessary, but is certainly sad our society has come to need such a document before having sex.

3:30 PM  

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