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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Passion Parties

Can you imagine a room filled with over 1000 passionate and powerful women from all across the United States and Canada just waiting to be educated and entertained by yours truly? On Friday March 10th Passion Parties® held their annual conference for their Passion Consultants™ at the Las Vegas Riviera Hotel. After a shining introduction by the President, Pat Davis, I congratulated my audience for taking charge of their lives and enabling women everywhere to have positive and healthy sex attitudes with the help of Passion Parties® products. Since they sell enhancement products at home parties to an expansive group of women ranging from 18 to 80, I shared some of the physical, sexual and psychological changes and needs that women go through as they mature and how they can get the most benefit from Passion Parties® line of products.

I shared the fact that the earlier a woman learns self awareness; to accept and love her body, the healthier and happier she will be sexually. Consequently, by the time she reaches menopause, there is no reason why she shouldn’t continue to have a healthy and active sex life.
Satisfaction with one's sexual relationship is the most important part of sexual health. There are three attitudes that distinguish people who are satisfied from those who are not, these are:

1. Accepting your own sexuality just the way it is.
2. Listening and acknowledging your partner’s sexual likes and dislikes.
3. Being open to trying new things that can heighten a romantic or sexual experience for you.

Both men and women experience changes in their sexual experiences over the course of their lifetime because we continually grow mentally, physically, emotionally and sexually. As Passion Consultants™, these women can make a difference by helping to improve the quality of other women’s love lives.
Passion Parties, Inc. offers women the opportunity to own and manage their own business, while promoting sexual awareness and well-being. Their direct-selling business model provides generous rewards and recognition for their independent Passion Consultants™. For more information go to www.passionparties.com


Blogger Heather*SouthGAPassion* said...

Thanks Dr. Ava for being our speaker at Passion Parties convention in Las Vegas. My husband attended your training with me and was VERY ready to return to our hotel room. Needless to say, Passion Parties products tend to open up lines of communication, and so do your workshops! We've recently discovered he's definently NOT a "shrimper" ;)
Heather, GA

3:35 PM  
Anonymous Barbara, CA said...

Thank you Dr.Ava for speaking at our Passion Parties Convention. I really enjoy your description of the different types of women we meet in our business. I order one of those Vulva Pillows also. It's a great tool for explaining to women the parts of their body.
Barbara, CA

4:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Dr Cadell, for an informative and entertaining lecture.
As a consultant for Passion Parties I feel both Proud and Lucky to have had the opportunity to hear you speak. I am doing my best to incorporate you beliefs into my presentation and into the way I run my business. Thank you again so much for all of your advice.

Carrie Johnson Calif

8:13 AM  
Blogger Jane said...

What a great seminar! Thanks you so much for attending and speaking at the Passion Party Convention!! The theme word for the weekend was "Trigasm"!!!

I am also purchasing a Vulva Pillow to use during my presentation. I think is was a great way to show women and educate them better about their bodies!!

Thanks again!

Jane Cox
Ontario Canada

12:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much for speaking! Passion Parties is definitely the place to be!

Welcome to Passion Parties by Jennifer!
Hello, My name is Jennifer Souders and I'm an Team Leader for Passion Parties. I became an Independent Consultant to help educate, entertain, and enlighten other women about their sexuality while having fun and making great money at the same time!
Passion Parties allows my husband and I to have quality family time AND financial freedom!
That was one of my initial goals when I started this business in addition to being able to help other women. What can be better than making great money while helping lovers rekindle the romance in their relationships!
Visit My site today to book a party or join my Team!


11:30 AM  
Anonymous Shawn Reevees said...

Dr. Ava your website is so educational and fun to read. I use the information to supplement my Passion Parties business. I think I'll order a vulva pillow also.


6:28 PM  

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