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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My Apprentice Search Blog

I am still looking for a dynamic, intelligent, interesting, and uninhibited person to be my next apprentice. So, if you have what it takes, please send me a short 2 or 3 minute video, showing me how you can contribute to promoting the benefits of healthy love and intimacy to singles and couples around the globe. The deadline is Valentines Day. So far, I have some great candidates on video and you can view them on my website at http://avacadell.com/apprenticeship/video_listing.htm

I’ve met most of them and they are even more impressive in person than on their video auditions. I’m taking your votes into consideration, but also evaluating them individually on their personality and the chemistry that I have with them individually. It’s getting down to the wire so here’s one last look at the apprentice hopefuls. I would love your feedback, positive or negative.

Becca Hanson Becca Hanson, 29, has a B.S. in Marketing from Florida State Univ. as well as a National Certification in Massage Therapy. She teaches a class, Sexplorations, and is a Sex Educator with Planned Parenthood, she also attends Tantra workshops and throws sex toy parties. Votes: 56

Farrah Debus Farrah Debus is 29 and has a B.A. in communication from Cal State Northridge. Her work experience includes teaching beauty and marketing at the Fashion Institute, office management, and bartending. Votes: 9

Hilary Buckelew Hilary will be 22 in Feb. She is currently working on her B.A. in psychology from Cal State Northridge, has worked as an office manager and has good computer skills. Hilary wants to be a sex therapist. Votes: 37

Alicia Ruiz Alicia Ruiz graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in 1997. Since that time she has worked as a magazine writer and fact checker (Latina, Teen People), and as a documentary researcher and production assistant for HBO and Lifetime. Votes: 7

Christina Engelhardt 45 years old, from LA, Masters Degree in psychology and worked as an assistant to the famed movie director Federico Felini. Christina is also an astrologer who writes and creates personal charts. Votes: 13

Cory Honickman Age 28. With a MSW and founder of The Relation Foundation, Cory has developed her expertise in marriage and family issues through years of case studies, counseling, and curriculum. Votes: 90

Salvatore Chilelli Age: 31 from Toronto, High school education, worked as a limo driver, waiter and actor. Claim to fame - a music video with Oscar De La Hoya. Votes: 9

Tracey Trottenberg Age:35 from Montreal, a Film & Communications graduate from McGill University. She is a coach, trainer and facilitator with a background in marketing, advertising and technology, working in Canada, the US and the Caribbean. Tracey is also founder of the Amazing Women network. Votes: 40

Charlese Thill Age:26 from Utah, attended the University of Utah for 2 years, ran an entertainment office, has taught 2 year olds, and has also worked with disabled adults. Votes: 16

Amanda Palasciano Age: 24. Education: B.A., in Sociology, Minor Pre Law at Montclair State New Jersey. Amanda has worked in public relations with some of Hollywood's most renowned publicists, and she is now an independent script writer. Votes: 35


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