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Monday, January 23, 2006

Januarys Golden Globe Awards

Yours truly was invited to the 63rd Annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills.
My mission: to find the most loving couple in Hollywood by watching their body language. More than verbal communication, body language is raw and uncensored so you can learn a lot by simply watching people and how they interact with each other.

Felicity Huffman and spouse William H. Macy celebrated her Best Actress win for TransAmerica by hitting the dance floor. Couples who dance together stay together.

Tony Robbins and his beautiful wife Sage were smooching outside the bathroom between awards. Public kissing is a good sign that there’s passion in the bedroom.

Nicollette Sheridan and on again-off again boyfriend Michael Bolton looked cozy at the bar. Hopefully they were making a toast to something exciting like “goose bumps.”

Matthew Fox and his wife, Margherita Ronchi nibbled on chicken skewers and egg rolls. Feeding each other is a good sign of equality in a relationship.

Seal had his arm proudly around his stunning wife Heidi Klum’s waist, and what a tiny waist it was after recently giving birth to their baby. Their body language signalled mutual respect and love.

Pierce Brosnan and wife Keely Shaye Smith strolled around holding hands, a romantic gesture that says, “I really like you.”

Charlize Theron was with her boyfriend, Stuart Townsend. He looked adoringly at her all night and who can blame him? His body language stated, “I want you now” and hers “You’ll have to wait.”
The Dr. Ava award for the Most Loving Celebrity Couple goes to Reese Witherspoon and hubby Ryan Phillippe, who hugged and kissed her so hard that she almost lost her balance when her name was announced as best actress in Walk The Line. Later on they were cuddling on a red sofa at the Weinstein party. Their body language said it all, “I love you and always will.”


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Anonymous rlrose328 said...

Great take on celebrities in this blog, Dr. Cadell. I especially liked the interpretation of the interaction of Charlize Theron and her boyfriend. Your work fascinates me after hearing you on Mark and Brian with the brides. Keep up the great work!

8:31 AM  

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